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Hoyle® Pinochle
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by Hoyle
Item #: 1001128



Since the 1700s, Edmund Hoyle has been the authority in card games. True to his legacy we craft each deck of Hoyle using custom paper and coatings, so that you can bring the authority to your next game.

This unique Pinochle deck is made up of 48 cards in four suits, ace through nine, with two of each card in a suite.

  • Custom paper using proprietary lamination process for durability
  • Plastic coating with Nevada Finish for improved shuffling and dealing

Available in both Red and Blue. Order 2 packs and receive one Red and one Blue. These are packaged in cases of 12. If you purchase 12, you will receive it in an unopened case with 6 of each color.

Made in the USA.

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